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FDTI Consulting

From Data To Insight

We lead organizations into the future of data-driven management

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FDTI Consulting

We are a developpement company specialised in data analysis

Our goal is to provide executive managements and strategic poles with a more accurate view of their activities and the underlying dynamics that drive them, as well as recommendations on the best ways to optimize their business.

Using data in the right way is becoming essential to companies with ever-growing new technologies; we are committed to helping our clients prosper in this new paradigm

We use data science to create tailor-made predictive models of strategic process, and deliver the products that best fit every mission : strategic roadmaps, automated reporting, web applications, APIs...


Business Sense

We use our development skills to support high value-added projects. Business strategy is the backbone of the analysis and data science is our way to forge ahead


Your data is valuable. We help you identify, collect and structure important sources, before making the most of them with our tools and analyses

Predictive Modeling

Our skills in applied mathematics and our practical experience with machine learning tools allow us to provide you with precise and explainable models of your processes

Decision Tools

Stay informed and make the right decisions with our ad-hoc visualizations. You will be able to explore your data and control your KPIs at a glance

Data security and confidentiality being a key point in our perspective, we enforce strict rules in our processing, like anonymizing personal data or systematically encrypting connexions. Our servers are hosted in France, the data we handle never leave the EU and are not subjected to any jurisdiction outside the EU. We process all of our data according to GDPR standards.


No Black-Box Policy

What a client does not understand is useless. Results can't be left unexplained, no matter how accurate


Each mission has its own features. We build tailor-made solutions to fit your needs

Critical Mind

We have built the necessary experience to manage data with impartiality. Every one of our recommandations is backed by data and a reproducible processing


We build our relationships on trust. We work with full transparency and deliver insight without complacency


Your success is our success, and we will take it upon us to make the best out of your business

A Pragmatic Approach

Big data, machine learning, AI... there is a lot of hype around these concept. We bring you the best practices without unnecesary technical jargon


Our business expertise is focused on 4 essential strategic poles

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We provide our clients with a vision of the financial structure of the markets in which they operate as well as their own financial structure in order to understand their positioning

Analyze the offer
  • Study of the market's financial performance, concentration and evolution
  • Default risk calculation and survival analysis on each of the market players
Demand analysis
  • Analysis of demand potential
  • Use of national accounts data, socio-demoeconomics and temporal modelling
Financial performance
  • Analysis of financial performance on hundreds of metrics and financial ratios compared to its competitors
  • Comparison to a benchmark of millions of companies by sector of activity, company size, geographical position

We co-construct with you a powerful marketing arsenal, in order to analyze your customers and the effect of your actions on them

Customer segmentation
  • Characterization of consumer typologies
  • Profiling and identification of high-potential customers and groups
Impact assessment
  • Web scrapping on customer reviews, ratings and behaviour
  • Quantifying the impact on the Internet e.g. social networks, sites, specialized blogs
  • Analysis of customer perception
Geographic Information System
  • Geomarketing
  • Trading areas
  • Location-allocation models
  • Distribution networks
  • Geographical and socio-economic criteria

We provide tools to address Human Resources challenges in terms of costs and opportunities in the deployment of your HR strategy

Forecasting of Jobs and Skills Management
  • Forecasting the human resources required
  • Optimal HR effort planning to achieve objectives
Analysis of employees churn rates
  • Study of turnover of the company
  • Identification of the causes of departure through statistical learning
  • Prediction of departure risks per employee, identification of contributing factors
  • Propose solutions for each employee and quantify their impact
Time analysis of HR performance
  • Establishment of a list of HR performance metrics
  • Assessment by type of job, profiles needed....

In order to complete our expertise, FDTI is supported by Maexinvent, a firm specialized in operational performance, team management and organization.

Operational Information System
  • Infrastructure for monitoring and storing information flows
  • Database design
  • Dashboard for tracking objectives, problems, production and sales
  • Optimal communication between teams and automated reporting
Process optimization
  • Constrained optimization of delivery schedules, tours and personnel
  • Optimal allocation of material and human resources on production lines
Statistical Process Control
  • Statistical study of manufacturing defects
  • Anticipation of measures to be taken to correct defects
  • Time-based quality monitoring via a web application or automated reporting
  • Quality assessment on production lines


We are SUPAERO engineers by training and former strategy consultants

Jean Mallol

Jean Mallol

Killian Godeau

Killian Godeau

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FDTI Consulting works with trusted partners to provide you with industry-leading expertise

Maexinvent is a Strategy and Operations consultancy. The firm shares with its clients its expertise in driving and realizing large industrial projects. Maexinvent then broadened its scope of activity to sectors such as health, luxury, aeronautics and distribution. It's expertise complete that of FDTI on operational performance, team management and organizational subjects.
Occitanie Data is an associations gathering enterprises, public institutions, local authorities, academics around data related issues. The goal is to build trust and share data in an ethical context, then propose actions, services and solutions to answer identified needs in the data ecosystem.


Toulouse, France
Email: info@fdti-consulting.com
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